17 May 2009

Normally we don't go for political activity, but this time, maybe we should stand out, just for a while. We are touched when we stand in front of NTU hospital. So many ppl. They just sit on the street and listen. There are 5 subjets, I should follow that unemployed team. The official 6.5% from government doesn't included me, I believe we are way more than that number. Cross fingers and touch wood, hopefully I can find something I like. Unlike in Europe, we are on our own. I read the news the other day, they are going to ask us to suport an education plan for unemployed ppl. A question: How can we affort to go to class when we don't have a job to support for living? We all know how important to update and follow the track, but sometimes, things don't go as we want. Sitting on that street won't bring us anywhere better, but at least, give a hint. Hope so.
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