10 May 2009

There is a flower market in downtown TPE every weekend. Finally, I get Alex to go with me. He's brilliant with gardening and Feng Shui. I can't believe he's so busy now, Tai Chui at 6AM, Tea house work from 2-11PM and then English class and computer class from time to time. Wow, I am so lazy.... Well, I am happy with my flower arrangement and more herbs to come if I can pass Alex's test. Wish me good luck! And yes, House warming party is coming this weekend. Amanda had came and check, I got her appproval. Michael is flying to Tokyo this Sunday. I guess he's going to be VIP in WestNorth, he still thinks of moving to Osaka for a couple years. Well, talk about this, Cyn is going to Sweden in June. Looking at her is like me back to 6 yrs ago. No promise, no commitment, just an idea racing in my head. Cyn is afraid but who knows what will happen. I know DC and I have big influence on Cyn, therefore, I can't encourage or influence her. The only thing I can do for her is put down the facts with SWOT and a place for her to rest no matter what's her decision.
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