31 December 2008

OMG, this is a remarkable day of 2008. After 3-night-2-day, one of three genius fix the TV and he's my DC. Well done, honey. Mags were in bed when she heard the news. We had to get down to the Clocktower and see this. 3 days!!! And it turns out, it's not even anything else, but the cable was plugged into the wrong place. Well, we all know who did that part. OMG, so many ppl come out to give him a go. I know it's kind of harsh from me, but, Da, you really did it! We could have you to go with turkey. Although Clocktwer is kind of rundown (plus Sunny is leaving on 8th Jan for good), but there are so many good neighbours around. Alright, when it's getting too much, Da started to have conversation with those two little men on the fireplace. Fair enough, this cable thing ends up tonight and it's in 2008. Happy New Year to Mrs. & Mr. Coffey!
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