3 January 2009

Well, a good start for 2009 is a well done Irish Fried Breakfast. See that size? I think Dr. Chen is going to have few words with DC in next visit. However, we are on good control. Actually, I loose weight and eat more here, I guess it is due to the cold weather.
We visit Marie during weekend and the square becomes more like the downtown. We have a great time in Marie's. She shows us 2 albums and many family photos. More than we can image. Most photo are loosing colour, so I have to find some pro to rescue and rebuild. Beside this family photo, Marie gives us a 3D photoframe she made. It's a beautiful work and it takes time and pacient. We are so glad to have this honor and hand carry it home with us. It'll be in our sitting room and many ppl can see her fine work. Thank you, Marie.
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