27 December 2008

The wind is still strong and icing cold. We had Mama mia for two days, it's time to get change. We have Doctor Who! Hannah really likes the actor, well, I think kid need to go thru this stage. Katie finishs her case studies and does one more extra before she head back home - Gene. Ian is really into the Mario game, look at that tiny wheel he drives on, cute! We go to stay with DC's Da for couple days. On the train, DC compares the High speed train and this express, on the speed and comfort. Never mind. The Luas doesn't go thru the end coz of fire after Smithtown. So we take the cap and that's really something else. We bring the suitcases to Clocktower. It's kind of wird to bring your suitcase into pub for a pint. Well, not only for a pint, but also to meet the family and neighbours. Back to the house, wow, the kitchen is really different and gets more space. Beside the kitchen, I think there is nothing change after Da gets married. "He gets old and he is happy!" likes the song lyrics. It's been long time to see Da and DC singing together, and they are awake!
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