26 December 2008

After Christmas day, it comes to St. Stephen's day. And what we do on this day? Just relax, coz it's too much hassle to prepare Christmas dinner. Now, we can all sit back and enjoy the quiet moment; children are happy with their presents in the play room. (OS from parents: Just leave me alone!) The wind from the East is icing cold. Even the pub is open, we don't want to walk out there. The football match is on and we do as usual, but no T-shirt / flag / blanket kind of things to support Arsenal. Well, it's 2:2 to Aston villa, so, Arsenal didn't lost, but an important player got injurt. Well, cross fingers and touch wood, they can win next one to get the 4th place. Talk about injurt, Katie studies in sport injurt and she has 15 cases to work on this holiday. OMG, it sounds like the 12th week in EHL. But what's fun to watch is DC giving consulting to Gene's shoulder and leg while Katie is on the side. Kaite works hard and she completes some of her cases. Now, we can take a break. Gene brings on those DVDs at home and we vote to watch or maybe or not to watch. Not only Gene's list we have to go thru, but also Hannah's and Emily's. See those audian's look? We go back to music then...
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