29 December 2008

Today, we have our family Christmas dinner. Mags takes a long time to prepare this dinner and also I give a little hand. My big job is to light the fire before boys come back from Clocktower. I was chatting with Cynthia, Amanda and Joan on MSN before boys go to pub. Maybe we should go down to pub, but girls have things to do. Tonight, we are posh, using christal glass and fine china setting. We are stuffed, the pork is so yummy! And of course, DC goes for gravy. We even hide the jar in microwave and TRY to make DC seek for gravy. Mags can't see DC suffer from "gravy hunger", just sits there and moaning. It turns out, DC has 2 dinners. I do decante a bottle of wine after we drunk 2 cases of it all these years. (DC read the lable last year in its last glass: Decante before serving)
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