15 September 2008

Can you image 4 coaches check-in in the same time? Yes, Kaosk. We are lucky to be in the first arrived. But also meant, stay longer... It's like the domestic airport with minimum activity and also I have passport & visa issue AGAIN. The senior supervisor is really helpful to double check my passport and visa. But I was OS in my mind that I have been to more than 20 countries with that passport and I don't think I would have any visa problem ahead. However, I just let her go on. It takes hours to get 300+ to check-in. Most of ppl are not aware of luggage overweight and lucky them it's a 3-hour flight. 10 Euro per kg. Althought they are not expected this happened, but it does happen. I see a man paid 100, wow, he must have done some shopping on the beach then. Well, I did a little bit but I controled well, so still in the limit.
The tiny little duty free provides limited selection and the only thing can be interested by DC would be smoke. It's cheaper in Spain than IE. The price for a pack is like: 6 Euro (270NTD) in Spain, 8 Euro (360NTD) in DUB and 70 NTD (1.5 Euro) in KHH.

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