15 September 2008

Sitting in waiting room for a flight is no fun and Noel finds out where the outdoor sitting area where can smoke. Of course we all head up to it. Actually the First choice even prepares sandwiches and bottle of water coz some of us haven't eatten yet. Here, again, I see the problem. Since we start this holiday, we are lucky enough to be covered by tour organization. Although they do their best, but it's a family holiday ppl take. They come with family and sometimes, they come with little one - the one don't take a seat or a bed. When they prepare meals, they don't count the little one in. Image the little one get hungry or tired, that can be handful, for parents and for the rest of guests. But here, I also see the good side of IE culture. Maybe ppl don't know each other, but when this kind of things happen, ppl keep an eye on the little one. It's so sweet and touch. I don't know what would it'll turn out if it happened in TW.
While we are waiting for the flight, Coffey starts to play cards, I have no clue at all. I was told that they used to play on Saturday and Nanna Coffey used to walk around their back and did some funny face or sign or said something. It's intersting to hear the story like this, make Nanna Coffey back in life, not only on the family trees.
Finally, the plane landed. Thomson plane has the smallest seat I have ever been sit on. However, we sit in and it meant we are going home! Back to DUB! In 3 hours!!! The holiday is over!

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