15 September 2008

We have received the notes that we would leave the hotel earlier (10AM)than schedule (5PM). I do mind my 2 missing holiday (one day on depature and one day on the way back). But I guess I can't be picky after those airline companies or holiday tour organizer bankrupt or still hanging there. The First choice manages to get a plane to fly us back to DUB. So, we are saying good bye to Spain. Back to little bit cold DUB. Lucky me, wash the sweater while I was able to.
Da and Mags are staying one more week. They need a break from family holiday, it's their honeymoon, no kids like us around. Yes, it's perfect ending for family holiday. Too shame to leave the sunshine warm place like this. We are coming back for a holiday on our own for sure, maybe bring Ian for company. After all, Ian knows how to order food and he is good. I know I haven't put on any food pics, coz I was busy to eat and drink. Tapas, Cynthia, I ate a lot of tapas for you, remember that. But, drink, no thanks, I stay with red wine. The wine is cheap here, cheaper than DUB and KHH. The most interesting thing I found out was: Order a large red wine and it's a big glass with half bottle of red wine in. No kidding, I saw the bartender pulled in. Wine is cheap and no headache next morning.

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