2 May 2008

I wear glasses since I was in primary school. Mark & Joan took a LASIK and no more glasses before they are married; so far, 4 yrs, no problem at all. I don't think I'll need it but until I start to work again. I book the appointment and go for few test. LASIK can't really make me out of the hook, but Wavefront can gurantees that. So, I want to go for it then. Just need a week to get ready. In the pics, you can see my pupils mydriasis. The nurse said my pupil diameter is nearly the maximum for Zyoptix treamment. My eye sign are weak and corneas are thin. Wavefront is my best choice. DC, I gonna say, Now, I can understand how you felt after the drug to pupils. I took it tonight and tomorrow morning. I can feel the uncomfortable and inconvenience. It's like someone switch on 5 more lights in room. I can't read papers, but only can watch TV. Now, I can feel it.
Boys are in piano again. Daniel is getting good, he really uses fingers, unlike Duncan still uses whole hand. Grandma is with 3rd uncle now, she doesn't want to take medecine for her cold; that won't be our problem then. Grandpa and my Mom start caughing and I don't like the sound. Try to make them drink as much as they can, also more fruit. Those two boys just out of cold, can't get sick again, not that soon.
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