22 April 2008

KHH is getting very hot, it was 36 degrees at noon. There is a law, we can't put on air-conditioning unless there are more than 3 ppl in the room. I was cooked in office, what can I say? The company is very small and I am the 4th person in the office. But the others won't be on the table often, so I am cooked in office. The work is easy, but I gonna do something there and hopefuly makes it better. Perhaps I should bring this company to e-generation.
DC is flying in 24 hours, I take him to barber shop and Grandpa comes later too. They all enjoy the treatment. These days, Grandpa is really back to himeself. I can talk to him and make jokes, his responds are good. He knows I am working now, he waits at home and asks me how's work. My Taiwanese is poor, I can't really explain him what I am doing. Grandpa has been farmer all his life, it's difficult to tell him what's salesperson do. However, he's in good form, I am glad.
Grandma's birthday is on tomorrow, but we will be busy with DC coz his flight is at noon. So we celebrate her birthday tonight. Grandma is still in pain, coughing very hard and makes her can't sleep. She has a bit infection in lung, hopefully, medicine can help her out of hook soon. For the first time, Duncan doesn't hand on the strange thing - cake. For the first time, Grandpa gives a kiss to Grandma. It's like back to their 20th. We were in barber shop, I tell Grandpa that we are going to celebrate Grandma's birthday. Grandpa says he can't sing. I say, it's ok, you can clap your hands with tune. And he does clap his hands and later on, give Grandma a kiss. Oh, so sweet. Look at them, I want my marriage being better than theirs. It takes two to tango, add oil!
Happy Birthday to Grandma!
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