3 May 2008

Hot hot hot! It's hot, time to get a hair cut. It's like over 30 degrees outdoor during day time. Boys are afraid of heat, more skin problem if they are sweating. Duncan doesn't like to have haircut outside, he moves around. It'll be easier if we do it at home and, of course, with candy, he won't move much. The only issue is you gonna be very fast!!!
Back in office, there is a rule: no air-conditioning unless 3 persons in office. My Goodness, what can we do with only 4 employees during day time? Plus we don't really stay in office during office hours, it's hard to make us all sit in and put on air-conditioning. These days, I start to go out for visit. It's so different than working in hotel. But, it's more challenge, those business people are really good at match, and they do all the figure in their head. Poor me, I have to use calculator, right in front of them... I dream of that day when I don't need calculator any more.
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Helen said...

I think I miss the heat in Taiwan. I think people can get away from heat to stay in an air-conditioned room but they can never get away from cold. My husband thinks the opposite way.