10 May 2008

After a long night in clinic(the surgery has been postpond 3 time, 3 hours; by the time we came home, it was 11PM), my eyesight is back. Although it might be aching for a while, they said about 2 weeks, but I do think it's worth it. I am out of hook with glasses. No more glasses! I can see clear and better than with glasses on. The progess is quick (less than 2 minutes per eye with laser, the preparation is long, about 10 minutes) and it's painless. It's nearly my 2/3 month salary, but I should spent it earlier. But, it doesn't have this technic yet in that time.
My parents go on company trip this morning. Yes, my Dad looks like in bad mood coz he doesn't think South China could be that cold. We did some research on Jiuzhaigou where they are going. It could be cold (below 10 degrees) in the early morning and at night. But, Dad doesn't buy it. However, they will be there for a week. My Mom's holiday, no more grandparents, no more us, no more work! Happy Mother's Day!

"Jiuzhaigou's entrance gate was built shortly after Jiuzhaigou was listed into the World Natural Heritage Catalog in 1992. The gate reflects the features of Tibetan remote areas. The bark of logs wraps round the whole gate that appears primitive, but also displays the flavor of thew modern arts. It seems to tell us that you will find yourselves in the world's most exciting and unspoiled nature.
As you know, Jiuxhaigou has been crowned with several titles: The World Natural Heritage, The World Bio-sphere Reserve, the Green Globe 21 and The State 4A-Level Scenery. Besides,each site and each image shows something more-the true essence, the spirit, and the magic of Jiuxhaigou, Jiuxhaigou's wonders inspire the country's top photographers and artists because the best of their work is here. Others express their feelings through words, and there are numerous quotes from writers or visitors. However, many others articulate this land that seems indescribable. As the saying goes, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. I think Jiuzhaigou's reputation attracts all of you to come here for a vidit. I believe, whether you are a frequent visitr or someone who simply enjoys beautiful places, the visit to Jiuzhaigou will be a perfect way to remember the unique sites and beauty of jiuzhaigou in days to come."~Jiuxhaigou English tour

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