20 April 2008

After receiption, we all come to Cashbox, to continue our party spirit. It's been a long long long time. 5 yrs ago, we could do Cashbox, got a suite, everybody came after work and went to work from there, for 24 hours. Ppl came and gone, even Cashbox staff couldn't remember how many of us in the suite. Later on, they gave up counting. Now, we are all on different business, but we still have the heart to be back to hospitality industry one day. The pay is bad, but ppl to work with are nice. And yes, Dancing queen abands us again. We even get Jerome sing a song. For 2 yrs, finally he comes to Cashbox with us. He's doing good on Chinese course. Next, we gonna fix him up with a girl. Perhaps he has started without our assistant already. Daneil comes late coz he's very sleepy, just finish work 3 hours ago. I can't believe Alvin is still working, it's weekend and he's still working until now. He comes the last hour before we run out to reach the last high speed train back to KHH. Daniel gets high again, drinks so fast, what a waste. However, we do have good time and I am happy this family is getting bigger. Now, we gonna make more couple, those single ppl are too lazy.
I really enjoy Alex's voice. He has talent. I can't believe that I didn't videotape him. But, he promises to sing for us, 3 hours, like the old time! All you can think, he will sing for me. YA!
We leave the Cashbox by 8:30 PM, get the high speed train, we are back to KHH before 11PM. How's the high tech? I really enjoy it.
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