8 April 2008

Finally Daniel gets the idea for Jigsaw puzzles. I prepared this puzzle for 3 months, but in the begin, we tried hard to show him or even teach him how it works. He didn't pick up or got confused. However, one day, he just picks up and empty it and try to put it back, piece by piece. The first round was long, about 2 hours. I am impressed that he could sit down for 2 hours. And then, he's getting good at it. Perhaps, it's time to get him another puzzles. Daniel loves transformer kind, a bit violent. But Daniel is very good with colour change and details.
Grandma will come home tonight. Grandpa miss her but he can sleep better without her. We'll see then. However, there is a deal, no one can switch off the mobile phone and gonna reply if we call.
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