7 April 2008

It's time for Carnitine shopping. I google "KHH + Burger King" and it says there is one in KHH Veterans General Hospital. We go to check it out, no sign of Burger King, but we are impressed with the shopping area located in B1 and Ground Floor of hospital. That coffee shop has its own bakery, with Kingstone bookstore, 7-11 on the side, plus many other shops. The function is better than CGMH. No wonder it gets compatitive in hospital business now. But we don't want to eat in hospital. No Burger King!
We go to Dollars supermarket where has my favourite Deep fried pork steak and DC's favourite Deep fried shrimp rolls. TW snack is served fast and tasty. The portion is little but enough for a meal time. The deep fried shrimp rolls is the specialty dish of TNN.
What can compare with two sleeping baby boys? It's the lovely silence we enjoy most during the day, when boys taking their nap... We can't have a nap, gonna clean up their mess. Recently, Daniel is afraid to sleep alone. He said there was spirit in the room, but we never teach him things such as spirit or ghost. Daniel was out of order these weeks, he plays hard and sometimes he falls. I am worry that his head hits the ground too hard, all in front head. I can't move my eye away from him when I am baby sitting him, this job is getting tiring. Be honest, I am glad he didn't fall under my supervision. Finally, we are all clear, the flu is out and ended. It's super hot in KHH these days. Less cloud, bright sunshine, the heat goes up to 30 degrees at noon time. Even sit in living room, we can feel the heat. The wind is warm. At night, neighbours start to use air-conditioning; we haven't use the fans yet. We want to try our best, especially the eletricity bill goes up 30% from the begin of April and it'll charge double after certain amount during summer time. The living cost is getting higher, year by year. Joan is looking for a kindergarten for Daniel, yes, Daniel will go to school this September; so I can leave. Grandpa has A-an and Daniel will be in school. Time flies.
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