11 April 2008

Grandma has been complaining with backache and can't walk as far as usual. She was in the park and there, an old lady recommended this doctor to her (at least, it's in a public hospital). Coz we are new there, so we can't use internet booking or phone booking, we gonna be there, in front of desk, before 8AM. Joan goes to book Grandma in before 8AM. There is a long queue for all departments, loads of old people. This doctor is famous, so you see which number we are around. That's for the morning clinic. Actually, by the time, we see the doctor, it's 5:30PM. The doctor has been working since 8AM to 5:30PM, no lunch break. Most of patient know he will take his lunch while seeing patients. What I can't stand will be other patients in the same room while we are in clinic. There is no privacy at all. At least 5 patients in the room. Also, 344 more patient a day, I will question the quality. There is one thing I agree with doctor, I am released when Doctor turns down Grandma's request - 2 magic shots on her knees to heal her backache and knee problem, perhaps, everything else. I can see Grandma's is disappointed with the Doctor, but he is right. There is no such thing as magic shot to heal every part of body. Ageing is the main problem for Grandma, she can't stand being old. Being old is like a death penalty to her.
On the side of hospital, it reminds me the news from a few weeks ago. There was a woman hit by a coconut falling down from a tree. She was on her scooter and the coconut hit her head, lucky she was wearing a helmet. She was fine but in shock. Later on, the government puts the warning sign and checks those coconut trees more frequently. Beware, the coconut tree has huge leaves and coconuts, they might fall anytime.
Grandaunt was in cousin's house, we go to visit after clinic. But, she is back to TNN already, just a day trip. However, I got the chance to neighbour to buy the bun. I grow up with this bun-maker. Everytime, we come to cousin's house or they come to visit, this bun will be the present. The shop has no name, but we all know where it is. The owner is from old school, no machine, no additional ingredient, 100% natural. I love it so much! The one with red spot on it, that's meat dumpling (Rou Bao). By the time, I go to the shop, they put the products on the table already. I'll go next time and film the whole process. Sitting in cousin's house, I can smell the bun getting ready to serve. HUNGRY!
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