20 April 2008

It's Candice's big day. She is married in Jan, but the receiption is on today. She got a busy week and she was in business trip in Japan last week. Too many things to do. Alright, it's Candice's receiption, Amanda and Alex are the host. Plus that might help them to find someone in such big receiption - 53 tables from everywhere of Taiwan. Candice is so beautiful and finally she puts on nice dress and shows body figure. I still remember she was nagging me about dress code. Perhaps that's the different between single and married. Chris and Mia made the wedding soap for Candice's guests, it was made before Joshua was born. It took 2 months to be ready to use. After ther receiption, we all get a big bag with cookies to share Candice's happiness. Yes, you might not find DC coz he is smoking outdoor. I still can't believe our Candice has another new name: Mrs. Dung.
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