26 March 2008

Last night, it was our first time to see Grandpa so angry. His head turned red. We went to Culture Center for a walk, therefore, we came back late for his nap. Grandma waked up Grandpa as rountine work coz her clock was ticking. Grandpa wasn't awake when he was bathed, he wasn't awake when he was sitting in living room, he wasn't even awake when A-an tried to feed him at dinner time. After dinner, coz Grandpa didn't open his eyes (we guessed he would be sick if he opened his eyes), Grandma wanted to take Grandpa to bed. Of course, again, he didn't open his eyes. Grandpa had all the anger inside, near the top. While the last few steps to bed, he stood there and started to shout and tried to attack me with his folding walker. He was so emotional, Grandma and my Mom couldn't get near him at all. I took the end of folding walker avoiding make Grandpa fall and look after myself to his attack too. At that moment, Grandpa thought I was Grandma who kept pushing him do whatever he didn't want to do. On the other side, it was a good thing, he took it out of his chest. Behind Grandpa, I could see Grandma laughing, I didn't know what to say to her. After a while, We tried to let Grandpa sit down and talk him thru. After a while, he could recognize me, he was still a bit angry about making him move. Somehow, he said, "You were such a difficult baby girl, your Grandma Chen taught you wrong. Woman should obey man's order. blahblahblah". Grandparents Lin was expecting a babyboy as the first grandchild of their first son and here I am. Grandma Chen took me home and brought me up within her thought. The first time I went back to Family Lin, I was 4. I knocked out the village head's grandson's front tooth coz he took my candy which was my present from Grandma Chen. It was a taboo for a girl's behaviour. I hardly went back to Family Lin since.
However, Grandpa was angry and we sorted him out. All uncles and aunt are informed about this unusual incident occurred. A family meeting is necessary, but none of them are free at the moment. Finally, 3rd uncle comes this evening and agrees to take Grandma to his house for couple days. Now, we can take care of Grandpa on our own way and he's happy with it. At least, he can sleep well now. But he will miss Grandma, sometimes. On Grandpa's condition, he'll be better with good sleeping quality. Let's see the blood pressure chart then!

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