29 March 2008

It's been a long time for a night out and watch a good movie, especially in Chinese (Mandarin and Taiwanese). DC read the preview on Taipei Times and I read the comment on Yahoo!Movie. We are on for it then. "God Man Dog" is directed by Singing Chen who is new (to us) in the market. In actors and actress, I only know two of them. "God Man Dog" are from 3 story-set combinded into one thru a car accident. It doesn't have any famous attractive actor or actress, big circumstance or any others to catch ppl's eyes. The story happens everywhere, on any of us, at anytime. But thru her camera, we see the deep thought, aren't we like that? We are stuck in this weak body coz of our spirit getting sick? The only question we have for this movie will be the director's attitude to religion. Ppl believe in something (Budda / Jesus) and then they abandon the belief or even burn the fraven image when they give up the belief. It'll be a bit defense to religion which can be a bit dangerous. In reality, we do see those kind of ppl, they give up their belief coz they don't get what they want from their belief. Those youngs confuse with value and we find it difficult to talk to them about this matter too. It's interested to see the argument between the father who is total abstinence from alcohol but involved in car accident and his priest. Don't we all think it's alright to tell a little lie from good intention?
We can see the reality in East Taiwan, the village is not well developted. Kids are send to big city coz parents believe they would have better start. In the movie, girls are send away coz of alcoholic parents. Ppl come to East Taiwan coz they believe the nature mother will heal their ill spirits. But, if we don't put down whatever bothers us, although it's a tiny little sand, it could be as heavy as a rock on our shoulder. What can be such matter? All actors and actress are like us playing in this movie, like us in this life; for good or bad, we are the one to play it thru. I read on Nell's blog that she saw on St-Patrick's parade in Waterford: We are all in this boat of life together, so play your part! I decide to have fun and one step behind DC! That's my decision. God bless all of us!
PS: It's nearly 3AM, but I am still excited from the movie. Can't stop thinking. It's a really good one, gonna buy a DVD. And then, I find out more problem - my laptop won't play DVD coz of Vista! OMG! Why can't the salesperson tell me about this Asus F9 can't play video coz of Vista before I put the purchase order?!?!?! Really piss me off!
PS: 3rd Uncle Chen comes tonight while we are in cinema. It's not the holiday, not the usual vacation; no wonder, it's about something he is after. I really know my uncles well, kind of sad. When it comes to money, ppl becomes ugly, including relatives.
PS: It's a big day today! Happy Anniversary to my parents! Although they might forget, I want to cook a nice dinner for them. Wish they can be happy forever and no more worry. Da and Ian, if you say I worry too much, look at where I am from. Those two are the experts!


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Helen.
I live in Cork, Ireland now with my Irish husband. Are you from Taiwan? It's nice to know you.
That's my email address.
Have you got the Irish Citizenship yet? I would like to apply this year, hope I can ask you some question.

Helen said...

I wanted to leave my link, sorry.

VL said...

Hey Helen, nice chat with you last night. Hopefully we can do it another time. I'll visit your blog too. Take care! God bless!