25 March 2008

It's a beautiful day with sunshine and breeze. We come to Culture Center for a walk, but before that, time to feed our stomach. Daniel likes this Curry House. He can finish a full course by himself now. See there is a willing to eat or not. It looks like Daniel will be out of this baby chair soon. Grandpa is awake, all the way. He's excited to see different things, to see ppl, to try tasty food. Doctor has put him on another pill to control his high blood pressure. Grandma, I believe she is under depression, but she said her Goddness want her in her temple. However, she doesn't leave the house now. She keeps nagging her health, bad sleeping quality, unable to eat, unfriendly grandchildren; even more, her unhappy life and marriage. I wonder if there is a way to tell her that how lucky she is to have Grandpa as a quiet and responsible husband. They are married for over 70 years, Grandpa's health run down in the last 3 years. We know Grandpa's high blood pressure for over 10 years, tried to put him on control pill but Grandma said we wanted to kill Grandpa. If we put our foot down and made Grandpa take the pill, Grandpa might be a health man still. Grandma has no knowledge of health or any medicine background. She only believes in black pills which is sold in countryside from someone, or herbs on the road side. However, here we are. All I can do is making them comfortable in this house. A-an is trained well and she also knows Grandma will be the troublemaker. I am glad she can understand Grandparents and take the job well. She keeps smile when Grandma yells at her out of blue. She understands and do the job. The only thing I can do for her is feed her well. My work is done here. Grandma is out of my hand, my superior will take care of her (I hope soon).
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