11 March 2008

Back to square one!
Well, it's good and bad. Good thing is DC is cleared out of genatic disease, therefore, we are back to square one. The bad thing is we have to start all over again, from different direction. Don't ask me where they are going to start, the only thing I know is DC will be the blood cow tomorrow. Dr. Chen has ordered some tests and the office where collects sample is informed about DC's arrival. We were late for today's test, so tomorrow, I'll delivery the fresh blood cow to them then.
I catch cold from boys. They were sick when they went up to TPE. Now, they are back, and one is still having nose running. I run down and feel terrible. Ian, I hope you get better soon too. Give me a hot Whisky lah! I am so sick!
I did something stupid. Finally, I changed Vista to XP last week. But, I couldn't stand some funtion keys were not working. SO, I F9 it. OMG! I am back to Vista again! Well, at least, this time, it recognizes DVD player. Not bad! So, I gonna get used to it then. That's it, back to square one!

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