6 March 2008

After Daniel's class, we come to Dream Mall. Coz Daniel hasn't collect enough stickers, so he can't go to playground in Dream Mall. And he co-operates well, we are off of trouble. Can you image to how hard to take him off the playground with lots of ballons? While we are in the mall, there is a creative competition from primary school to senior high. Many kids are there, boys are having fun, or should I say, more than boys? Grandparents have fun too. Of course, those are made by the others. It's a good way to spend the day. Grandma is getting handful, walking around in the mall can spend some of her energy or interupt her target, maybe I can buy some peaceful hours. I am glad my Mom can have some days off, but she can't live like this until we can find some solutions. And my plan works, Grandparents are tired and sleep well! It could give me 2-day break.
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