12 March 2008

DC has been a good boy, 4 tubes are pieces of cake, no problem at all. While we were here last year, Dr. Chen took a basket of ice and dozen of tubes. That's scary. I was terrified and forgot to take a photo of the basket with tubes in. There was a little girl before us, we felt so sorry to her. Nurse is well trained and she makes it quick enough, also she has so many toys on the side to attract kids' attention. I hate needle, I can't image how to stay in the room with it, or even work with it. Believe me, I have tried and I am still trying. See, I took the shot while needle was in DC, that's my improvement. There is a party in Brass Monkey by the end of this month. It has a theme: Doctors and Nurses. Cyn is interested, perhaps I can borrow this nurse's unitform?!?!
I was so sick last night, and this morning, I am back on track again. So strange, but I am gladful. I am going to party this weekend, can't be sick. Daniel and Duncan are still cough a bit, Duncan still has running nose. Another thing, I am going to take my Mom back this weekend, so I can leave Grandma with her. It's so unfair but that's how system works here, plus I have no patient left with Grandma. I called out for help and no one dares to take Grandma home, not even a call or a visit. In fact, I am stuck. I'd like Grandparent move around for fresh air. But in the other hands, they have better care here and better quality of life. Nick sends me a mail about being patient with elders coz they did have patient while we were little. The struggle is on belief and life style, for us. I believe in Doctor and medicine. Grandma believes in temple and black pills. She went to temple today, as her wish, let's see if we buy 2-week break.
Ian, I am not sure if you have read this MacBook Air thing, have fun!
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