13 January 2008

We get an early start coz we are taking Grnadparents home. Before we came back to TW, it was VERY COLD for 3 days, even Grandpa can talk a bit how cold it was. Grandpa is sad to leave, but he understands he is coming to our house. Daniel and Duncan will keep him busy. Look at Daniel, he tries to be Lala-tellytobby. PS: it is green onion with flower on it. 2nd uncle stuffs us with vegetable from his backyard. His girlfriend is getting alone with us. She has changed 2nd uncle to open-minded. But, she does dare to challenge my Grandma. I like her. She stays on what she think is right and she is right. Grandma is on protest AGAIN. She doesn't want any helper, but she wants the salary to take care of Grandpa. Give me a break, she is 85 and still looking for money which she has already. Helper will be here by the end of month, and then, we will see.
It's getting cold again, 15 degrees. Alright, it is not that cold, but think about it, we don't have isolation or heating system in the house. We do prepare Grandparents for it - mobile heater.
Celia visits us and she is going to LA - for holiday. It's been a while to see her, she looks good. After few blind dates, she really says no to the arrangement. Hopefully, she can find her Mr. Right. Tina Brown will be back soon and they will miss each other, just one day apart.
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