19 January 2008

Finally, the first weekend, we get out! I book a room in Splendor hotel, it's located in KHH landmark. The whole building is 79-floor high. Hotel is in 38th-70th floors. The view from our room(47th floor) is awusome, Peter will love it. On the other side of building is facing city, you can see Sogo and FE'21 in 3 blocks away. Although it's far away from ground, but the water pressure is excellent. The only problem is the high speed lift, gonna queue up during weekend, due to many wedding receptions during meal time. It only takes 45 secs from ground floor to 39th floor. It's like the lift in 101, but in golden metal box.
There is a sky lounge on 39th floor in the corner of front office. They provide live band from 8:30 PM to midnight. It was better last year. The band is good at slow song and can't get the audience into the mood. However, the city view and a bottle of wine, with good company, that's all we need.
PS: Da, you were in the resteraurant with Mags on 75th floor.
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