12 January 2008

We are back for a week, almost get over with jet lag. Duncan was releasted from hospital on the day we arrived KHH. The poor thing went thru a lot and he has all of our attention, not only from my family and Joan's family, but also Coffey and Mia's family. I think Duncan's doctor never know it'll turn out like this. Mia's uncle-in-law works in CGMH as surgen and he checks on Duncan every morning while he was there. Well, soon, it'll be my turn. But I am lucky, only small case - a tiny thing to remove from my wrist. Don't know what it is yet, but will find out on Friday.
Today is an important day coz we have the legislative election, also be held along with two referendums. The first will ask voters to support legislation to force the KMT to return state assets the DPP says were illegally amassed during the 1950s, while the other, tabled by the KMT, calls for action against corrupt officials. Although I have one vote only, but I am glad that I am here being able to do some change.
Gonna go, Duncan is awake. Time to run. Since he came out of hospital, he catch cold from Daniel. They are getting better and DC has no sign of catch cold yet. But doctor has warn us that Duncan'll be like my Dad with athma, so gonna pay extra attention while he catch cold. God bless! Boys can grow up safe and no more trouble.

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