6 January 2008

After court house, we have to head back to Candice's new family asap. The new couple has to enter their bedroom by 11AM. The sleptover and queuing up are wasted a while, we have to hurry up. What's next? Groom's car has been towed away coz he parked on red line. Therefore, we get two taxi and RUN back to Mrs. & Mr. Dung's new home. Lucky us, by 11AM, new couple are in their bedroom, sitting on the chair with a pair of Mr. Dung's trousers. After they eat some sweet soup and nuts, they can join us in living room, Wii time! First, we put them on boxing, Candice wins!!! Coz both of them are busy at work, so this apartment is not quite ready yet, but Candice has invited us for a party after Chinese New Year. Be honest, Mr. Dung's family is a bit cold, maybe, coz of first time to meet up. Here, we give Candice and Mr. Dung our wish - be happy and have a great marriage.
Groom's parents take us a nice restaurant for a private lunch. But, we can't really party coz it's too early for alcohol, plue we are not covered from jet lag yet. 13-course big meal really makes us sleepy. So, we call a day very early. I'll put on meal photo later on.
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