25 January 2008

These days, we were so busy, but I can't remember what and why - Due to short memory, hey, I only have 32 MB. Screen saver was on all the time. You know what I meant?!?! Duncan is getting better and his figer is free now, no more cover. He starts to learn how to use the finger again. Good thing is we are all out of cold. Before we get back to normal life, we still have a Chinese New Year(CNY for short) to deal with. This CNY, we won't have Chris & Mia coz of the unborn baby. It's better they stay in TPE, plus they are moving soon after CNY. That's meant we might be in TPE for a while when Mia deliveried. As you know, we do have strick rule for new mother - stay in bed for whole month and others.
Da, we wish you get better soon. DC were so worry when he got Ian's call. ER isn't a nice place to stay overnight, from our own experience. PS: we do agree with your Dr. - change your GP! ASAP!
Oh, we have new member in the house. A-an arrived last night and she helps us to take care of Grandparents. She is so young, 23, but I think she is strong enough to carry Grandpa on her own. However, it's good to see Grandpa accept A-an. At least, he doesn't put on face or try to push her away while she tries to help him standing up or going to bed. Daniel is friendly to A-an and offers her candy every time he gets some. I can't believe she has a baby like Duncan's age. Wow, I can't image the life living without your own baby. Also, she speaks very little Chinese, Taiwanese and very poor English. It's a long way to train her before I can leave. I think my job is easy but it doesn't look that simple now. No wonder I can have wrist ganglion. I learn how to move Grandpa on hard way, now, I got the skill to move him without hurting myself. Believe me, it takes time to learn. The helper upstair teach me a lot how to take care elder. Now, I gonna teach A-an.

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