28 January 2008

Duncan is getting more trouble to look after, that tiny legs move so fast from room to room. He's fully energy, but I wonder when he can speak. He accidently called my mom "A-ma" one time and it was after Daniel. We thought he was copying Daniel's word or movement. They are getting like twins, Daniel is small for his age and Duncan is huge to his age. It's like the history repeats itself, Mark & Chris. Mark & Daniel are picky on food and they won't take a bite on food they don't like. Duncan is more like Chris, every bite can lift him to heaven and then come back for more food. Now, they are 27 months away but 12 cm in their high different only.
Mia and Chris are getting ready to move, but they have to do it after CNY. Mia has complained abdomen pain. She is at 33 weeks now, God bless her. The baby boy is around 3G mg now, Mia has been warned. Chris was 4.4 G mg when he was borned. A super big healthy baby boy, let's see his son will be the same as his old man.
Mags, I heard you'll have an interview on Wednesday, we'll pray for you. Good luck! You are the best, you can do it! And we envy you, Spain again on Friday. And my goodness, that flight tickets, you guys are very good. That was an awesome deal. We wish we could have that kind of luck too. I know the previous trip was ended in ugly way, but look at the bright side, it did bring you some good, in some ways, are you following me? This time, I have to give you a shopping advice - shoes. Don't take your high heels any more, get a nice pair of Camper. Ignore Da (I believe he'll say something to you when he read this), just get youself a nice pair of shoes. from girl to girl.
You guys are going to enjoy sunshine and we have cold current... Grandparents, kids and I have running nose.... And CNY in 9 days to go.... As you can see, Duncan is out of bandage and so am I. Lucky me, A-an is really helpful in the house. But, I need some time to train her on assisting Grandpa. This morning, when we go to CGMH for regualr visit, Dr. suggests us to book Grandpa in rest-home. He has no idea this option is liked we abandoned Grandparents. My parents are so angry with Dr., even thinking of changing to the other hospital. Somehow, I became an outsider, look at this situation, do we care about Grandpa's benefit? His only memory is in hometown where he lived more than half century. He can recognize by smell, by seeing, by touch. And due to his health condition, he is stuck in big city. Last time, Grandpa fell into rice paddy and landed on his face. The ambulance took 1.5 hours came and backward; he was lucky that he only got a small cut. I can't image if something serious happen in hometown, can we deal with it? It is not about filial duty. It's what children can do after parents have done so much for children. I know my Dad will try his best to take care of Grandparents but rest-home is not in the options. I wonder if I can have the ability to do the same thing? In that case, Mags, I will need your help!
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