22 January 2008

It's been a while to read Coco Chang's blog, one of posts gets me. Coco's mom flew over and hand carried a PC for her. That's what mom does, all the mom will do whatever they think it's right for her children. My parents came to see me while I was in UK or in CH. Dad was invited by FR gov't and they stayed in Paris. I was in UK nearly a year. Dad brought my favourite cup noodle and some snacks in one of his luggage. Funny thing happened when they checked-in. When they all walked into hotel, with one police car in front of coach they took and another police car in the back of coach, plus 4 police motor bikes in front; 2 African men robbed 4 large suitcases and one of them was my Dad's. all the policemen run after them and they managed to escape. As soon as the robbery happened, my Dad run to check the suitcase, the one with my snacks and cup noodle. Not to mention the one robber got contained my Dad's brand new suit and shoes and others. FR policemen came to him and tried to get a list of stolen items; Dad said he was alright. I felt so guilty when I heard this. My Dad is a cold person but he's warm inside. Those cup noodle and snacks costed much less than his clothes, but he took them so seriously. FR translator sent my Dad off in train station and I waited for him in London. For a man who doesn't speak the language, he is brave. Wherever he travelled, he always had a local translator beside him. But, he was alone on this Europstar and flew back TW alone. I enjoyed every bite and thought of my parents every single time when I opened a pack.
My mom came to visit me while I was in CH. She took the direct flight from TPE to Paris, 14-hour. It was a maricle, she managed to find the way out. The airline staff didn't pick her up at gate. She brought me a big suitcase of TW snacks, also her handmade rice dumplings and some fruit - watermelon, guava, pineapple, litchi, longan, apple and banana. Not much, but enough for me to cure homesick. I took her for a VL class sightseeing and she could have time to get over jet lag. It's her first time to see Europe, I had a month to show her around. It was great but a lot of culture shock for her. For me, she is enough for me to have a great summer holiday with. While she was in CH, she still could cook some TW dishes and it took me a while to learn. That's the great gift I could ever have.
I can image they will do it again for me, maybe more than once. I wish DC and I can provide them a place to stay and retire, also to Da and Mags, alright, Ian you are in too. We need someone wearing Santa's clothes and run outsdie of house. Alright, gonna go, my wrist is hurting me. Wish dream comes true soon... Due to weak US financial, TW stock market goes down 526 points (6%), I want to go back to yesterday.....
Last night, I met Vina on MSN. She has 2-month-old baby girl - Catherina. She is beautiful. Good to see her on facebook and reunit with others. In some way, we are lucky and study in EHL. As Mags said, we have a good family to support us and be different than ordinary person. Therefore, I enjoy every single day and appreciate what I have and who I spend time with.

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