20 January 2008

It's a foggy morning, can't get clear view of habour, but the sky is so blue. Ha, that's advantage to wake up on 47th floor high. After a long night drinking, a Japanese curry can make us better. Tina is back, we gonna take her somewhere nice. Something strange, Duncan lets her hold him, that's new. Normally, he is shy and hides behind me. Maybe he is a big boy now. He likes to welcome ppl with wild open mouth, with 8 tooth he got.
We take Tina to Dream mall, the #11 biggest shopping mall in the world, for late lunch. She is still in jet lag and not covering from jet lag yet. Dream mall hasn't take down X'mas decoration yet, maybe they don't know it'll be bad luck, or it's their bad luck now?!?! The place is quite empty. DC looks good, isnt' he? He has long sleep. I can't. My left hand is covered too tide, but uncle said I have to and for a week. My left hand is twice bigger than right hand. I have Wrist ganglion and uncle removed it with a huge needle. DC is proud of me, my tear was in my eyes only. But honestly, uncle made it shorter and efficient. He's good. From step into his clinic to walk out, 5 minutes. He didn't even touch my hand, just a look, he know what's that blump and what is the best solution for me. For the first time, we spent less than 30 minutes in CGMH. I still can feel the needle......
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