30 January 2008

These days, two boys like to sit on my legs and watch YouTube. Daniel knows how to use mouse and clicks on whatever he want to watch. Duncan is just trying his best to interupt us. Later on, we sit in front of TV and watch JP kid programme. It's getting cold and we don't have heater in the hosue. These days are liked in sauna, up and down, hot and cold. I keep Duncan in my blanket and Daniel keeps his bear warm. I guess it's difficult to teach them now about being nice to each other. However, we love them so much and can't wait to see them to grow up. It's 8 days to CNY, time to have spring clean and prepare for welcome CNY! My year!
It's getting cold, the heavy douvet is out and we put on more heavy clothes. Due to Spring clean, all courtain are washed and not dry yet. We can feel the wind come thru the windows. Watching news lately, so many Chinese stuck in train station or airport or coach station coz of serious snow storm. It breaks the record of half century and in some places is a new record for one century long. It's near the NY and there is 600,000 ppl stuck in Kuan-chou train station (the number is one station only). For some ppl, they don't even have a place to stay around the train station or city. It's like the same thing happened on Polish in previous X'mas before the last one. I wish there is another way out for all of them. After all, CNY is like Western X'mas, it's time for family to reunit. It only happens once a year, for most of us.
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