30 December 2007

A classic pic of Coffey fixing DVD player! They are fixing it up, coz I want to watch Mags' favourite DVD - The jungle story. After 2 weeks mass drinking parties, it's time to take a day off, just sit in and relax. Of course, a bottle of red wine, a box of chocolate, sitting on Da's sofa, it's so cozy, I have a nap for a while. I haven't put on fire yet and Mags is back from pub. It's a really lovely day.
Happy Birthday to my mom and 4th Aunt! I call home early on. No one answer and find out - Duncan is in hospital. His little finger gets infection and blood vessul is not thru. Oh, poor baby. He freaks out when nurse comes to change the pad everytime. How can you tell 1-yr-old to stay still? They will be in hospital for a while, so Joan and Duncan has the VIP room with good view of lake, 2 beds, TV and fridge, it's like a holiday there, until nurse comes in, 4 times a day. That's enough for a baby to take.
During dinner, Mags and I can't stop laughing on what's going to happen next. Oh, boy, Mags needs help, and I won't like to be in the middle. Mags is doing someone's favour, to take care a dog, and Da won't like the idea. However, we go thru it and we are fine. But, Mags is laughing at my reply. That's the point here, that's the thing I will be forbiden to do or to say in TW. In Coffey, I can be myself, speak whatever I am thinkg of. But in TW, I have to zip up and let DC do the speech. Da & Mags won't take it personal when I make joke or say something to them. Back at home, although my parents are open minded, but not that much. I still need to behave in some limit. I am the daughter in the house, I have to watch what I say, image as a daughter-in-law?!?! Also that's the reason my parents are happy with DC, he lets me being myself and his family accepts who I am.
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