29 December 2007

Actually, Noel is the first one arrived. We put on fire and start drinking, eating slowly, and talk a lot. My project 2007 - Coffey family tree has to be completed by the end of this year and I am lucky so far, we can trace great grandpa and his family back to 1864. Harry's friend found out a case study on Coffey in 1903 and IE has released census in 1911. And I got Mary the other day, to fill in Coffey's information and listen to so pieces of story about nana Coffey. That's major improvement of this year. All Coffey who turn out on this gathering has completed their own family tree, now, I only need to trace down couple few more details who didn't make it today.
It's very interesting to see how nana Coffey's life was so similar like my grandma Chen. They became widows in their late 40s with many kids. (Coffey 6, Chen 10+3 from the next door) It's hard for a woman in that time, but they survied and be able to raise up their babies. Although they might not get enough food, but they love each other and keep them together. Since Grandma Chen is gone, Chen family hasn't have family gathering, and hopefuly, it will be soon. It's 3rd uncle's turn, he is the eldest man in Chen family.
It's so joyful, maybe enough of alcohole, we start to sing. Many songs I am not familiar with, but it sounds so good. Of course, singing and dancing, it's a great time out. Everybody sings a song, but not Ian, coz he lost his voice. It's kind of tradition to him now, he "always" catch cold around X'mas to New Year. God bless, wish he better soon, coz we have so many food and drink to finish.
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