31 December 2007

It's the last breakfast on 2007, it's perfect! That's what we need to start a brilliant day. We get Ian back to celebrate the New Year Eve. That's what Da wants, to spend a night together, thru the year. Last year, this time, we were down in Durby,Feather. Early on, Pat & Kathy drop off and leave their dog - Rudy with Da & Mags for a week. She fits in soon and finds her own spot.
Acutally, today is mild, not that cold. Since we have the fireplace, I enjoy to put it on and keep burning things, but you see, I am not allowed to put on fire at home, so I take it out here. Keep pushing the other to drink, to smoke, to something else, get me something to throw into fire!!! That's it, 2007. We enjoy whole year around, something good or bad happened, but we are still here, together. That's the point! DC is in perfect health this year, not catching cold at all, although my family had terrible flu at home. Good-bye, 2007!
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