29 December 2007

Coffey family has gathering today and Mags' family are coming too. Mags prepares so many things to feed every single mouth. Ian is in charged of cheese selection and cold meat. Yummy, we were in supermarket early on and it was great place to get pama ham, also I found my chili pepper with feta cheese - hot!!! Kids know their rule in this house, very present and comfortable for adult to start drinking in kitchen. Mags' brothers and sisters all turn out with their little family. It's their first family gathering in 2008 and some of them haven't met for X'mas, therefore, a lot of X'mas present exchange here. Oh, boy, I miss my Blackbush! It went down so fast, only last 2 days, but I enjoyed every drop. It's first time to see Paul enjoy the party. Oh, boy, by his drinking speed, I can tell he won't like to wake up tomorrow. He mix beer, white wine and other drink, wow, I can't handle that kind of mix. Wow, tonight, I even make Timmy eat some Korean noodle. In return, I will have Timmy Chips. All the kids are telling me how tasty it is. Mags told me a bit about her childhood. It sounds like Chen's family story too. Elder first, girls help out for housework, it's not easy to have so many kids in the little place. Anna asks me to sing a song and DC & I sing the TW song. And then Linda has Irish version of it. We end up with singing and dancing, and a lot of drinking!!!
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