23 November 2007

Whole day, nothing on, just a ENT apointment. Mark took my mom & his family to visit us. We were so bored, Mr. Donuts was perfect snack for us. When we came back from lunch, our roommate was moving to 3-bed ward. So, we got the big room by ourselves. The nurse recommd we should have it for ourselves whole weekend. Wow, 1500NTD per night for two of us, good price. We were thinking to go for a nice dinner in nurse campus, but it's too late, just got something from food stands - basement. There are many things going on in basement. It holds 4 self-service buffet, 2 vigan buffet, 6 noodle shops and 4 juice bars. On the other side, it has a bakery, Hair salon, Barber shop, laundry shop, Starbucks, flower shop, bookstore and newsagent. The 7-11 convenience store, 3 medical supply stores and McDonald served around the clock, never stop, pretty convenient. There is a bank in basement too, and a post office in children hospital.
After dinner, nurse was looking for us coz MRI called. They squeezed us in around 9:30PM. We were really lucky, it's the first day we decided to stay in ward, not spending too much time ouside hanging around. Nurse was worry if she couldn't find us thru phone or being back too late. Yes, we do have bad reputation in our nurse station. However, we do our best to co-operate. DC needs to do 3 MRI, so, one is done, two more to go! By insurance policy & healthy concern, Docotr only can do one MRI per day. Let's hope we can do it like this way and get out of here by Tuesday! Cross fingers & touch wood! Keep us in your prayer! Appriciate it very much! Happy Thanksgiving!
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