22 November 2007

That's what DC had a drop from doctor to check his eyes. Isn't he so cute? His eyes are just like the Japanese doll. But he's afraid of light, so just enough time to take a quick pic.
That's VEP - DC is finishing the test. We spend a good time with the nice technician girl. Most of technician we have test done with are nice, only few of them are cold or rude, and they might need to have more human contact. Well, very few of them. But all of them are very friendly to DC, maybe coz he's alient. Some of them are so afraid to talk to him, although they could speak English.
Most of time, doctors and nurses are very friendly to us. The only time we have a bit disagreement will be our smoking break. Oh, you should see their face when they asked how much we drink per day... ha ha ha. How often & how much is the problem, they can't believe we can do that. Oh, I miss wine! Even we pass by 7-11, just look at beer in fridge and wine on the shelf, but can't touch! Hey, we stay in hospital for 7 nights, no matter we like it or not, everything will be over by the time we are done with MRI. Smoking break becomes an issue. Look at the nurse or assistant's face when we ask for a smoking break, it's like "Why do you do smoking" impression. However, we know CGMH better now, so short cut makes us more efficient.
We share ward with this poor guy who broke most of his bone at work. He's lucky to be alive but it'll be a long way to recover. His brother and friends take turn to take care of him. They are complaining about shortage of cute intern nurse in this unit. The roommate replies that he prefers experienced nurse than intern. It's a good pint! But, it keeps us laughing so long. When you see it about life & death, this little thing is so tiny small deal, why bother? I admire this roommate coz he must be strong enough to keep breathing and the recovery is a long long long way to go. He needs assistant to do everything, and it'll keep go on for another year, at least we guess.
PS: There is a 24-hour McDonald in basement, so we can go on line as often as we want. But, you should see how many doctors have their breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper here.

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