24 November 2007

Look carefully, you will see where DC got his wine from. Just joking! We got doctor to sign the 4-hr released form, just enough time to have a big dinner in TGI-Friday! Fresh air, that's what we need most! Away from hospital, away from ward, away from nurse... We came back right on time, nurse was happy with us. 5 minutes later, we came out and asked to go to McDonald for internet surfing, she replied: "Can't you stay in your ward longer? Is it that difficult to stay in?" She was joking but we did gave her a difficult time to keep any eye on us. We are her first patient who always need a mobile phone to know where we are. We never return ward as soon as we are done with test. We would ask assistant to wait us on the way (in the car park). We ask for 4-hr released form most of time. We try to stay outside of hospital as much as possible, unless it's dark. It's so much experience in a week!
PS: There are two typhoons near TW and it looks like they will become twins and walk together. I hope they won't join together and get over soon. However, we stuck in hospital. But Mark just has chic came in, it's 3rd day. Fingers cross & touch wood!

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