26 November 2007

"There is an interaction going on between Mitag and Hagibis and Mitag’s exit will in effect pull Hagibis back to the country. This effect is known as the ‘Fujiwara effect’ – when two cyclones rotate in almost opposite positions on a single point. Mitag is the dominant of the two. When the dominant system turns, the other system (Hagibis) will also move. The last time a storm made a U-turn in the country was 10 years ago.

The returning Hagibis is expected to make landfall by Tuesday night. Hagibis may then meet up with another brewing storm, Nonoy on Tuesday. There is a possibility that these two weather systems will merge in the Philippine Sea. If that happens, the new storm would lift off and follow Mitag on its way to Japan."~BBC
I don't like the sound, but that's what we have here now. It starts to rain since last night, hasn't stop yet. But good thing is it rains slow and light. We sit in ward and watch the rain, it's very borning and sad and depress. McDonal surfing is getting out of my interest, even nurses noticed.
DC has hearing test and the 3rd MRI. It was out of hand today. I was sitting outsdie of test room, wondering what's going on. We were told it only take 30 minutes and turn out - 2 hours! When I went into the test room to pick up DC, there was a doctor with 6 interns. We didn't like be under this kind of condition, but it look like, we didn't have choice. DC doesn't like it, complain big time, so I make it official to nurse. Hopefully, Doctor Chen will give us a good explaination. DC has another 2 tests to go, hopefully, we can out of CGMH tomorrow!!! God bless!

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