25 October 2007

Aunt is back to TNN, so I take Grandparents over to see her. I guess, under Grandma's cold heart & face, there is a sweet mommy inside her still. Grandpa's first reaction is funny, he asks Aunt what caused her broken ankle. He asks if she fell. Aunt replies that she was hit by another scooter and 2 scooters and the other rider were on her ankle. Grandpa looks at her and says: "It must be painful." Oh, my goodness! And then Grandma starts to dig out more information, who, when & where. Also she wants to know what Doc think and will do. She is quiet good & clever for 84 yr-old. So, Grandma insists on taking care of her baby - my 55-yr-old Aunt with one broken ankle. Therefore, they will be with Aunt for the weekend. And we enjoy our peace & quiet then!
Ex-Uncle-in-law breeds racing pigeons, Daniel has fun with pigeons, uncle keeps one each cage for Daniel to watch. For 3 yr old, Daniel does a lot of description on the pigeons' appearances. For sure, Daniel has sharp-eyed.

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