23 October 2007

Happy Birthday to dear Duncan!
Duncan is at his first birthday party. Dad gets him a chocolate cake and Daniel loves those chocolate chips on it. Joan's parents are invited too, to share this special moment. Grandparents are happy with this location. See Grandpa's smile!?! He enjoys my Roast beef but can't give him too much due to his old body.
Last year, Duncan was born at this day and my parents were in hospital and we baby sitted Daniel whole week. Mark was selling chicken. Whole family were so busy and in despair. And then, Duncan arrived, brought the light. I received Mark's SMS at 3AM, the massage woke up Dad (It was my turn to sleep in hospital with Dad). We were delighted to this new member. I send Michael SMS to wish him Happy Birthday and let him know there is another "same day" scorpion at home now.
This year, Duncan baby had a small operation. He enjoys food, music and toys. So far, he has 4 tooth and he can walk 6 steps without assistant. He still takes 2 naps a day. His appetite is better than Daniel for sure.

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