27 October 2007

After whole week hard work, we come to Pig & Whisel for late brunch. Kids are not co-operating well, but we manage it. It's so quiet in pub, just 2 table occupied. Maybe coz of late football match, it starts around 7PM. It's still early for football fans. We get DC a nice Apple pie but we should make suggestion to have whipped cream to go with which make the pie more unique. It's the first time Daniel and Duncan heard of Halloween. Actually, Daniel is excited about it and Duncan is afraid of those black decoration. Or maybe Duncan keeps fighting to sleep coz of tooth growing.
G has a handmade soap exhibition around pier, so we are here. I never been to this part of KHH. Also, my first time to know there is a jombo seafood restaurant boat in KHH. When we arrive, there are couple young people take the boat out for sailing. DC teachs Daniel to wave good-bye. I guess DC is more interesting to join them coz they have fully back-up on beer supply.
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