27 October 2007

Handmade soap is more nature way to protect the skin and economic. It's more than saving money than on eco-environment. I find it more fun to combind relationship, Mia & my mom will agree with me on this point. None of us has such strong believe like Mia, she's still working on new formula. She has tried many formulas for her unborn child. Chris has oily skin and Mia works hard to make Chris more comfortable by using handmade soap. That's love. It's simple but touch. It's thoughful and sweet and it takes a lot of hard work too. So, I wonder what I can give DC?
Where DC stands is kind of 7-11 in early 60th. It brings back old memory, like Grandma Chen's house. Oh, I miss it, but Grandma Chen and 2nd Uncle and 2nd Aunt-in-law are all gone. It's really in memory now, and only. The grocery store and ice shaped shop.
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