18 May 2011

It's 99's 4th month celebration - Saliva collection. no idea if it's right word to it. It's the way that elder gives their best wish to the baby. The new baby will carry a string of cookies on his/her neck with red string. 12 elders will break the cookie and put the cookie on the baby's lip and say: "May this cookie will dry your drooling and bring you a baby boy next year" "May this cookie will dry your drooling and make you start to talk next year"...etc.
Until today, we find out 99 really likes those cookies and she won't let go. When I put the cookies on her and her first reaction was lick all of them. OMG~Alex and Cynthia were so panic and try to find one piece which she didn't drool on it (too much). It broke her heart when she saw the cookie was gone one by one and they did eat the cookie in front of her. That's why you see her crying so loud in the video. It's with tear~

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