28 April 2011

Síne is 16 weeks today and she's so adorable. She can fall asleep on her own; the day time nap is nearly an hour and the afternoon nap is around 3-hour. She wakes up around 8AM and goes to bed around 8~9 PM, still needs to be feed twice at night, but she's quiet and not even awake.
Many thanks to Yvonne who send so many toys to our Síne baby. We haven't buy any toy for her yet, but Auntie Yvonne has prepared so many toys for her. She is so lucky to have so many Aunties and Uncles to love her. We hope 滾滾 (Yvonne's 2nd son) can get better soon (he gets chickenpox) and then we can meet Yvonne and her family.

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