27 April 2011

Finally, my mommy bag arrives. I bought it on Saturday and due to the misunderstanding, I finally get this bag. I was so close to cancel the deal... after reading some mommies sharing their experiences with different bags, finally, I find this bag. Singing, see my dream bag - Beside-U BFY-233 Upminster (mommy bag). It's a backpack, also can use on stroller. There are 6 bags inside and it's light. Thanks God, Síne takes breast milk, so we don't need bottle and containers. Let's me try it on for few more days and then I'll tell you how happy I am with this new bag.
Today, for the very first time, Síne accidentally moves 90 degrees. We didn't catch her moving but she was in this position when we got in the room. So, from now on, we gonna run faster when we hear her sound or she gonna sleep in her own crib. Otherwise, I will have heart attach soon.


慶華 Mori said...

Hi, as the shops sold out this kind of bag in Taiwan, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me where you bought this bag. Thanks for your reply in advance.

VL said...

Sorry for this late reply. I bought it in Far Eastern in Pan Chiao, but you can get it in The bus station (京站)or SOGO.