11 April 2011

Oh, it's a great day, the sun shine and the warm weather. Síne got 4 bites on her head over night. I tried to get the baster, but it was too small and too fast. As soon as I found out, I stay up to check on her..... mosquito, I hate you, how dare you.... But interesting thing is Síne doesn't over react like Dave after the mosquito bites. I wonder it's coz of her TW blood?
Out of no where, Síne is fighting her morning nap and she means it. The good thing when we come back is Síne can sleep from 10PM to 8AM. It just happens and we don't know why and how. During this stay, she is happy to see Daniel and Duncan who treats her like a princess. Mark and Joan love her company too. Don't even mention my parents. But, somehow, Síne starts the new look, ha, I got it on photo. She is so sleepy but also piss off, zoom out too... so funny...

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